Strength & Strength Standards

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By Greg Segui, CSSC How many of you are working on your strength? Are you consistent? Strength is hard to build when you’re only working on it once a week. I know some days after a hard WOD you might [...]

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Remembrance Day Salute

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Today I thought this video would be appropriate. Please take some time to honour our fallen soldiers and all the ones that have served and are currently serving. Be thankful for the job these men and women do.   [...]

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Why I Run!

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By Greg Segui CSSC Many people run for different reasons. Could be it helps to clear their minds? Maybe it helps to take away the days stress? Some may just do it for health reasons. I run because I can. [...]

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Break Before You’re Broken!

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Today we have an article from the CrossFit Journal. It's written by the head coach who certified Nyree and I. You might also recognize him as one of the analysts from the CrossFit Games. He talks about it being okay [...]

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