CrossFit and the Culture of Grit!

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By Nyree Segui RHN “Fucking sucked ass balls!” That emphatic statement is a direct quote from my workout log. Harsh? Perhaps. Deserved? Absolutely. Let me set the scene. The workout was 30-20-10 reps of knees-to-elbows and wall balls followed by [...]

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The Psychology of Skill Development

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I found this to be a great article and thought I would share it with the community. Read it and see if it speaks to you. By Jennifer Pilotti, Breaking Muscle If you train for any length of time, chances are [...]

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Partner Challenge Begins

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Let the trash talking begin – officially! Last week Schweaty Belles were getting into the challenge spirit by dishing out some good-natured taunting.  Our first-ever Partner Challenge is all about, fun, swag and bragging rights. Each week for the next [...]

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